Vincent Morgan

DHS 2012 Wall of Fame – Vincent Morgan – Class of ’61

Wall of Fame Wall of Fame Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame Wall of Fame Wall of Fame

Yesterday at Desert High was interesting with a VERY full schedule. The day began at 8:30 with small breakfast. Then at 9:00 was a school assembly complete with a red carpet in my honor. The assembly began with the ROTC guys marching in uniform with the US, Calif., and Air Force flags and the pledge of Allegiance. For those on this list who don’t know, Desert High School is located on Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert of California. Following the pledge the school principal read a long list of my accomplishments and then introduced me to the student body. I was to speak 10-15 minutes on why I am famous. Of course, my voice disappeared with almost complete laryngitis. I have been living on cough drops since arriving here. But I did manage to get through the speech and now everyone here really does think that I am famous. Boy, are they delusional!

I was awarded two plaques and a bag of goodies, which include a high school T shirt, some drinking cups and an official DHS coin.

Then following the assembly I was taken around to speak to various classes and allow students to ask questions. The most often question was, “What sports did you play?” I told them, “Stamp club and Latin club.” Neither of those exist now. The only foreign language being taught now is Spanish. Too bad.

Finally, it was time for lunch with the faculty, which was catered Chinese. This was followed by visiting and speaking in more classes.

My camera didn’t work, but don’t fear. Two almost professional students with fancy cameras took hundreds of pictures in every class, in front of the school sign, in the assembly, etc. I hope I didn’t pick my nose. They would have gotten that too.

I was told that this was by far the most elaborate Wall of Fame day ever.

One of the largest clubs on campus is the Bible club. Nearly 1/4 of the students were wearing T shirts with “Got Jesus?” emblazoned on the front and “Because it’s hell without Him.” on the back. In nearly every class students wanted to know when I accepted the Lord, what it is like to be a missionary, etc. I was stunned. This is a secular public Jr. high and high school. To them, a full-time missionary was just about the greatest hero that they could imagine. The school principal is a Mormon, but his son is a member of the Bible club. The principal is 100% FOR a Bible club on campus. He told me that those kid are the best students, the most committed to doing good and never get into trouble. The vice principal and many of the teachers are committed Christians who are VERY active in their churches. One of the students who was responsible for my welfare asked me to pray for her brother who is serving in Afghanistan. At the end of the day we found a quiet spot in the nurse’s station and I was able to pray for him. Then the vice principal asked me to pray for him. At the end of the day I went into his office and he locked the door so we wouldn’t be disturbed. We joined hands and he literally shook for joy when I prayed.

I have never spoken in a Christian high school with so much interest in the Lord, the Bible, etc. I have rarely seen teens so excited about Jesus in a church youth group.

The principal asked to meet with me privately as well. He will be transferring this summer to Boron High, which is in my home town. The current principal in Boron, though a member of a Pentecostal church, is against Bible clubs. The new principal’s first act will be to re-instate the Bible club on that campus.

It has been 51 years since I was graduated from Desert High School. I was asked what was my most memorable event. I think yesterday was.

Our graduation speaker in 1961 was Ronald Reagan. The principal, Mr Nat Adams, showed me a photo of a group of people with Mr. Reagan and asked me to identify those I could. My parents were in that meeting, so they were easy to identify. Some I didn’t know at all. Others looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember their names. He said that he has several more photos of Mr. Reagan at the graduation ceremony, which he had set aside in a special folder for me, but he couldn’t find them. He promised to send them to my home. When I receive them I will be glad to scan them and send copies to whoever wants them.

Heather Lee, who is due to graduate in a week, is the incredible young lady who put this whole program together. It seems that everyone on campus knows and admires her. I expect that one day in the not too distant future she, too, will be honored on the Wall of Fame. She is one truly amazing young woman of many talents, incredible abilities and a terrific positive attitude. Her desire is to serve Christ as a pediatrician. May she go far and encourage and bless many children as she seeks to serve the Lord in that field. It will take several others to fill her shoes as she moves on.

What a day! What an honor! And to think that my voice gave out and I could barely speak. The Lord certainly has a great sense of humor. I am truly blessed.

Vincent Morgan

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