Nikki Cullum Fisher

Lillian Cullum Fisher
Nov 22,1934-Dec 7, 2014

2020In 1955 my family moved to Edwards AFB, from Victorville. My dad was the proprietor of a store in the newly built Civilian Shopping Ctr. I started 7th grade in September and had a very young, but awesome, teacher named Lillian Cullum, straight out of college from Prescott, AZ. It was a special class that bonded quickly & made super progress under our new teacher, who played the piano in our classroom, as we sang “Blue Moon” and other notable songs. This teacher was to bring in a raft of new ideas including implementing the junior high Valentines’ Dance & Graduation Dance/Party, complete with dance lessons for the boys and girls. The elementary cafeteria was decorated to a high standard with tons of crepe paper for these occasions. She also taught at the high school in the afternoon…typing and gym. Soon she added the DHS cheerleaders to her extra curricular realm. She married Coach Fisher during the summer of 56 and broke many hearts in the high school and in our class of junior highers. It was an awesome match for some 58 years.
I was very blessed to have had Nikki as my teacher. She would become my mentor and best friend from then on until she & Bob left to teach in South San Francisco during the summer before my senior year. She gave her heart and soul not only to Bob, but to all of the kids she had in her classes and extra curricular activities . So many were blessed by her. Many will have their own memories. The last time I saw her was on the 2010 Reunion Cruise. I had urged her & Bob to come. A good memory: remembering the Fishers on the dance floor of our ship until the wee hours. Putting the rest of us to shame. Ronalee Crafton Mac Queen