Linda Hanes Wisen

High School Memories of Linda Hanes Wisen by Pat (Chwierut) Mikulecky

Linda was my one of my very best friends at Desert High School.  I moved from Illinois the summer before my freshman year and Linda and I were inseparable after that.  We made it a point to have our lockers close together so we could see each other between classes.

Pat and Linda We were like “sisters” since she was the only child and so was I at that point.
During our freshman year talent show Linda and I dressed alike and pretended to lick a lollipop lip-sinking to the song: “Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.  Never have to be alone, no sir, I’m here to keep my eyes on her.  Caring, sharing every little thing that we are wearing….”

We did so many clubs and activities together:  Cheerleading was one.  Remember the cheer “Bo-bo-ska-ditten-doten… Desert High yea!  Itsy-bitsy-widle-de-de-ton …Bo-bo-ska-ditten-doten… Which biddle-lee-oh-ton-doten …Desert High yea!” (or some facsimile. Others like Purple and White fight, fight” or “Big apple, little apple Susie-Q”?

We joined the band as flag twirlers so we could go to Long Beach.  We went to the Pike after marching.  Linda was always one for excitement and adventure.  I was afraid to ride on the roller coaster over the water, but Linda rode and said that “It was a piece of cake”.  After I got on and we were strapped in, she said: “I hope you can take this, this is the scariest ride I’ve ever been on.”  I prayed really hard the whole time, scooting down under the bar.  It was an experience I had that I never would have done without Linda’s prodding.

Linda joined the Future Homemakers of America with me.  In summer we went to the FHA convention in Monterey with Miss King.  We loved walking on the beach and shopping in Caramel.  Linda could be poised and proper when the occasion called for it and other times she was just plain fun to be with.Linda

We were in the Future Teachers Club.  Linda became a nurse, and I became a teacher.  However, she taught her children love of adventure.  We were also on student council, and pep club together.   We spent hours at night talking girl talk on the phone and checking our homework answers with each other.  I was always worried that Mr. Ferguson would be on to us.  Linda was my lab partner in Chemistry and she could explain things better in chemistry and I in turn did so in Algebra.

Linda and I were on the Junior-Senior Prom Committee.  The theme of the prom was “Candy-Fantasy”.  We had the great idea to get tumble weeds, dip them in lime water and sprinkle them with colored paper to look like gum drop trees.  Well we got them hung up in the Enlisted Men’s Club where our prom was held. However, the fire marshal came by and told us that we had to take them down because they were a fire hazard.  We cried, let them tumble out back and resorted to balloons on the ceiling.  The prom was beautiful just the same with a candy wishing well, a gingerbread house made by the shop teacher, a candy-cane lane, etc.

Remember the sock hops?  Linda loved to dance and had great rhythm.
After our freshman year Linda and her mom and my mom and I drove to Illinois where The Wisens had family in Bloomington and my mother and I visited our friends in Illiopolis. On the way to Illinois Linda and I rode donkeys down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We both had blisters on our bottoms after the 6 hour ride.  We were not very conditioned but it was a neat experience.

Linda and Pat I spent the night often at Linda’s home.  We would ride bikes on the Mojave Desert looking for dried shrimp and climbing Joshua trees.  We would make cookies and go to the pool.  Linda was a very graceful and speedy swimmer.  Linda’s dog was a dachshund named Schnappsie.  Linda’s dad made him a board with wheels when his back end went out.  Later they got a Great Dane.  Linda and her parents loved to read books.  Linda’s mom played the piano and always had geranium hand lotion in the bathroom.

LindaI often went with Linda and her parents to Linda’s orthodontist appointments which meant driving over Los Angeles Crest.  Her dad was the first pilot to break the super-sonic barrier at Edwards and loved to drive fast.  Linda loved it, but my stomach always did flip-flops.

There was another time when a carnival came to the base.  We got on the octopus ride and Linda kept flirting with the operator and we rode at least 8 times and I was green. Of course, Linda loved it!
Linda and her mom and dad were great skiers. They invited me to go skiing at Arrowhead.  I just couldn’t get the hang of keeping my skies straight on the tow rope. Linda thought it was funny when I got my second set of lessons free.

Linda’s last card to me read “IN YOUTH WE LEARN, IN AGE WE UNDERSTAND” and on the inside it said “Our friendship means the world to me”.  Linda was the best friend anyone could have.  I feel that I have lost a part of me. Our friendship meant the world to me, too.