Larry Boyett

For Larry – from Thomas Babits (5-20-04)

Yes, I’m almost 58 and last night I cried.
I was checking out the new DHS sight and discovered my friend Larry if no more.
When I arrived at Edwards in August ’63, we met at the evening football sessions.
He befriended me and made me feel at ease in my new surroundings.
His passes were always straight and true when I played end.
Later, when I played guard, I knew he was right behind me waiting for me to open a hole.
And, when he got injured at that game in Boron, I had to fill his shoes as linebacker.
In spite of my size 13 feet, his shoes were just too big for me.
It’s not always easy for a grown man to cry.
Especially our generation, as it was rarely permitted.
We were brought up with the basic rule of “just do it!”
No high fives, no stupid dances, no kisses or bear hugs.
Make the play and go on to the next one.
That’s the way it was. That’s the way we were.
After leaving Edwards we never met again.
My best moment in later yearsá ?
We talked on the phone once, maybe during a class reunion in ’85.
And, he confided that I was a much better kicker the he.
Coming from him, that really made my day.
Now, I’m going to have to go it alone.
There are the memories that remain, though. All the good times…
The taste of the beer we had together at the graduation party is still on my lips.
Yes, last night I cried.
But, as the tears dry, I know that we will meet again.
Take care Larry, and see you later on.