Early Football

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Fall of 1955 Football
Joe Thompson Bob Powers
Joe Thompson – Captain Bob Powers – All-League Center

DHS Football 1955

Front row, left to right: Bob Owens, Tom Price, Lauren Humble, Ralph Corbin, Joe Thompson, Captain; Walter Umsted, Alan McKinnon, Dave Hicok, Lee Ibsen. Second row: George Terrill, Bob Page, Lani Maltby, Gus O’Toole, Don Calhoun, Bobby Goodwin, Robert Schoenlein, Bob Allen, Dale Ward, Jim Farley. Third row: Neil Smith, Jim Miller, Walter Rogers, Bob Powers, Jim Walker, Don Hagood, Bob Kinsley, Conrad Bryant, Marvin Cotten, John Winkley. Fourth row: Coach Bob Fisher, Bill Beckwith, Ronald Smith, Clyde Umsted, John Lovett, Jack Brown, Ronald Ferguson, Norman Danel, Gene Bryant, Coach Stan Yoder.

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